FAWCO Awards

See details of 2015 AWARDS - handed out at the Rome Biennial Conference.

See details of 2014 AWARDS - handed out at the Brussels Interim Conference.

See details of 2013 AWARDS - handed out at the Bern Biennial Conference.

See details of 2012 AWARDS- handed out at the Dublin Interim Conference.

NOMINATIONS are submitted from FAWCO members/clubs to . The FAWCO Board reviews the nominations, may also submit additional nominations, and make the final selections. Awards are given at Biennial Conferences, except for the FAWCO Rep Appreciation Award which is an annual award.


Fellowship Awards

The Fellowship Award recognizes distinguished service and dedication to FAWCO's goals and ideals by persons outside FAWCO.

In keeping with its long-standing policy of advocating and working for expanded voting rights for overseas citizens, FAWCO is proud to acknowledge the determined efforts of four "fathers" of landmark election reform legislation, Help America Vote Act. In order to acknowledge their support the FAWCO Fellowship Award was initiated in 2005. click here for details.

In 2009, FAWCO awarded the Fellowship Award to Ray Cheng, CEO of Jian Global Services and FAWCO's technology advisor in recognition for his support and friendship over the last five years. The Birmingham conference was Ray’s first foray into FAWCO. Ever since then, Ray has been advising us behind the scenes on ways to upgrade and enhance our FAWCO and club communication patterns. He has been an inspiring, and sometimes quixotic advisor who has made a tremendous impact on FAWCO. He believes wholeheartedly in FAWCO, who we are and what we represent. That is why he constantly challenges us. He truly believes that our organization can make a significant difference in our world.

In 2011, FAWCO awarded the Fellowship Award to Clements International in recognition of the company's support and friendship with FAWCO for more than 15 years. Clements International was our first major sponsor in 1995, advertising first in the FORUM and later on the FAWCO website. More recently they have showed their support of our work by sponsoring receptions in honor of the Americans Abroad Caucus during Overseas Americans Week in Washington, and our conferences in Vilnius, Boston and Marrakech. Clements International enables FAWCO to fulfil our goals and ideals and believes that our organization does make a difference.

In 2016, FAWCO awarded the Fellowship Award to Edwin and Sanja Schmidheiny of Accent Brand Consultants Ltd. of Zurich, Switzerland in appreciation for their vision, talent and generosity in their work with the Rebranding FAWCO Task Force. 

Circle of Honor

The "Circle of Honor" is the highest award given by FAWCO. The Circle of Honor recognizes distinguished years of service and dedication to FAWCO's goals and ideals in both elected and appointed positions.

Kathleen Simon - 2016 - Chair, Rebranding FAWCO Task Force (AWC Bern)

Peggy Rigaud - 2012 - Spearheaded FAWCO's efforts to become an NGO (AWG Languedoc-Roussillon)

Pam Perraud - 2011 - UN NGO Director (AAWE)

Alice Grevet - 2009 - Website Manager (AAWE)

Arline Coward - 2009 - FAWCO Counsellor, Foundation Counselor (Barcelona Women's Network)

Mary Mag - 2007 - FAWCO Counselor (AWA Rome)

Pamela Dahlgren - 2007 - FAWCO Counselor (AW Surrey, FAUSA)

Nancy Thornley - 2006 - Co-Editor FAWCO History (AWA Rome, FAUSA)

Roberta Zollner - 2005 - FAWCO Counselor (AWC Denmark)

Susan van Alsenoy - 2005 - Educational Support Chair (AWC Antwerp)

Georgia Regnault - 2005 - FAWCO Counselor (AWC The Hague)

Lucy Stensland Laederich - 2005 - FAWCO Counselor and US Liaison (AAWE)

Jackie Isler - 2005 - Foundation Counselor (AWC Zurich)

Paula Daeppen - 2005 - NGO Director (AWC Zurich)

Sen. John D. Rockefeller - 2002 - D-WVa

Rep. Carolyn Maloney - 2002 - D-NY

Elaine Senigallia - 2002 - FAWCO Counselor (AWA Rome)

Valerie Garforth - 2001 - Environment Chair (AWC Brussels)

Michael Adler - 2001 - AAWE

Kathy Webster - 2000 - Voting From Overseas Chair (AWC Brussels)

Caroline Newton - 2000 - Archives Committee Chair (AWC London)

Eleanor Fina - 2000 - Washington Liaison (AWC Brussels)

AWC London - 1998 - in recognition of the Club's 100 years of service

Shirley van Ooijen - 1998 - FAWCO Counselor

FAWCO Founder Caroline Curtis Brown was an idealist who, through her vision, inspiration and energy, made the AWC of London an outstanding organization of service to the membership and the community. With equal dedication, Caroline believed that enlightened women, working together throughout the world, could do much to achieve international peace. In 1931, Caroline invited representatives from Clubs in Antwerp, Berlin, Paris, The Hague, Vienna and Zurich to London to discuss the concept of forming an organization. More than 80 years later, the spirit of FAWCO's Founder continues to inspire us.

Caroline Curtis Brown Spirit Award

The Caroline Curtis Brown Spirit Award was established in 2005 in appreciation of service exemplifying the spirit, inspiration and dedication of Founder Caroline Curtis Brown.

Sara von Moos - 2015 - AWC Bern

Anne van Oorschot - 2013 - AWC The Hague

Melissa Mash - 2012 - AW Surrey

Frauke Rademacher-Heidemann - 2011 - AWC Hamburg

Angelika McLarren - 2011 - AWC Berlin

Sunny Eades - 2011 - NAC

Dolores Cuellar - 2011 - AWC Bogota

Cynthia (Pinky) Niggli - 2008 - AWC Zurich

Ann De Simoni - 2007 - AIWC Genoa

Rebecca Warnander - 2005 - AWC Stockholm

Shawn Watson - 2005 - AWC Bern

Donna Sebti - 2005 - AIWC Casablanca

Stella Fizzazi - 2005 - AIWC Casablanca



Reps Appreciation Award

In 2008, the FAWCO Board initiated the Rep Appreciation Award to recognize ongoing commitment, dedication and achievement of FAWCO Reps in member clubs.


Sahar Elhallak - AIWA Marrakesh

Deborah Lillian - AAWE Paris

Marie-Bénédicte Luxem - AWC Zurich

Laurie Richardson - AWA Vienna

Ann De Simoni - AIWC Genoa


Leslie Collingridge - Chilterns AWC

Amanda Drollinger - AWC of Central Scotland

Kristin Haanaes - AWC Oslo

Therese Hartwell - AW of the Eastern Province

Hope Moore - Munich IWC


Mary Adams - American Netherlands Club of Rotterdam

Catarina Clemente Kersten - Augsburg International Women’s Association

Maggie Palu - American Women’s Group of Languedoc-Roussillon


Jocelyn Fitzgerald - AILO Florence

Amy Patrick - North American Connection

Tricia Saur - AIWC Cologne


Alma Lou Annab - AW Amman

Clydette DeGroot - AWG Paris

Robin Meloy Goldsby - AIWC Cologne

Donna Haas - AWA Dubai


Monica Jubayli - AWA Dubai

Tracy Moede - AWC Hamburg

Denise Rollins - AWA Angola


Nan de Laubadère - AAWE Paris

Jonsi Andrews - AWO Ticino

Eileen Green Doyle- AWC Dublin


Anne Cameron-Rutschmann - AWC Zurich

Grace Christovasilis - AWO Greece

Linda Laval - AWG Languedoc-Roussillion


Barbara Edwards - AWC Vienna

Janet Byrne - AW Surrey

Tricia Reynolds - AWC Naples

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