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Who Can Attend UN Meetings? 

Due to recent changes in UN security regulations and severe space limitations at the main UN  headquarters in NY, Geneva and Vienna,  attendance at UN meetings by NGO representatives are no longer as open as they previously were.


Access to the UN and official meetings is now only open to a few specifically designated representatives  from each recognized NGO.


If you are a FAWCO member  interested in attending any official UN meeting on behalf of FAWCO and live near one of  the main UN headquarters ( NY, Geneva or Vienna), you might want to consider applying to be an official  FAWCO " UN NGO Representative." For information on this position, go to the FAWCO website  and click on the "UN NGO" section and in the "Who We Are" tab, go to "NGO Team"  and  there you will find a  full description of the position and information on how to apply at the bottom of the page.


If you are interested in attending a special UN meeting or conference, please check with FAWCO's UN NGO Director at because in  some exceptional cases, the UN can allow other representatives to attend official meetings.




UN Meetings- When? Where? 

In order to find out more about  past or upcoming UN and NGO events, you should consult the following websites:


www.un.org/en/events - There you will find information on past, current and future conferences, access to daily schedules,webcasts, briefings as well as a complete list of UN observances- special days, weeks, years devoted to a particular topic such as "  April 7 - World Health Day."



www.un.org/dpi/ngosection - This is the Department of Information website specifically for NGO's.This gives the calendar of weekly briefings to NGO's in New York as well as the information on the annual  DPI conference of NGO's which is held in September.





Now you can actually see UN meetings as they happen. The UN now broadcasts many of its important meetings by webcam.  It has 24 hour porgramming and pre-recorded programs. 


www.un.org/womenwatch/calendar- This website lists important events related to women.


www.crin.org/resources/events - This website lists important events related to children.



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