FAWCO relies on the work of dedicated volunteers who provide experience, skills and hard work in numerous positions. The FAWCO Board is nominated and voted upon by Member Clubs, while the other positions are either appointed or filled voluntarily.

If you’re a FAWCO Member and are interested in getting involved with FAWCO, learn more about how you can do that based on your interests and skills.

Member Club Support

Member Club Support is one of FAWCO’s four pillars and the cornerstone of FAWCO’s activities. As a federation of independent associations, FAWCO would not exist without its Member Clubs. In that way, all volunteers support FAWCO Member Clubs by providing information and motivating Clubs to get involved.

Special Positions

Reporting to the President are the 

Communications Team

Reporting to the First Vice President, the Communications Team keeps the channels of communication open between FAWCO and Member Clubs as well as with the public. 

Web Team

This team maintains FAWCO’s primary means of communication, the website, so that members from around the world and the general public can access the latest information about FAWCO. The Web Team reports to the First Vice President.

Member Clubs Team

Reporting to the Second Vice President, the Member Clubs Team makes sure that FAWCO stays connected to the Regions and their Clubs.

Administrative Committees

Reporting to the President, unless otherwise noted, the Administrative Committees allow the organization to function smoothly.

US Issues

US Liaison & US Issues Committees

Reporting to the President, the US Liaison:  coordinates FAWCO’s work with other overseas Americans' advocacy organizations and represents FAWCO’s positions in Washington during Overseas Americans Week and when legislation is drafted or introduced that directly affects Americans living and working overseas.

US Issues Committees, reporting to the US Liaison, bring important and timely information to the attention of FAWCO Members.

Global Issues

UN Liaison & UN Reps

Reporting to the President, the UN Liaison  leads a team of FAWCO UN Representatives in Geneva, New York, Vienna and Athens and writes the quarterly UN Liaison Bulletin.

The UN Team disseminates information about the UN to FAWCO. Its representatives in Geneva, New York, Vienna and Athens attend UN meetings on behalf of FAWCO and focus on issues specifically related to women and children in the areas of education, environment, health and human rights. They also support the UN’s development agenda, the FAWCO Target Program, as well as other UN-related projects.

Global Issues Teams

Reporting to the Third Vice President, the following Teams and committees promote education and awareness on important global issues, in particular FAWCO's four areas of focus: Education, Environment, Health, Human Rights.

Target Program

The Target Program brings a critical global issue to the attention of FAWCO Clubs, their members and their host communities/countries and in so doing, assists in attaining one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Youth Program

This Program promotes cultural understanding and awareness in our youth and aims to develop them into responsible global citizens.

FAWCO Youth Program Chair: