Reflections on Week One of Thoughts on Week One of Bonn Climate Conference Intersessional Meetings


By Stacey Kimmig

IMG 1625

While attending the intersessionals in Bonn, I ask myself, “What would be interesting for FAWCO members to know about these climate discussions?” I try to attend a range of different events, not only complex technical negotiation meetings, but side events and press conferences as well, all in the hope of getting a better understanding of the issues surrounding climate change, so that I can bring these core issues back to you. But the issue of climate change is complex, and all attendees represent a different country’s interests, or a civil society movement, or a scientific perspective; they all have something to contribute, but it can be very difficult to find common ground to which all parties can agree. For this reason, there is so much to tell, but I need to pick and choose, so I will just share with you a few interesting moments in the first week from my perspective:

Overall, progress feels slow, but the message is still that we must act together now to reach the goal of 1.5°. We’ll see how much closer we get next week!