Membership in FAWCO is primarily open to American and International (Women’s) Clubs and Associations. Applicant organizations should: 

Annual dues are based on the size of your membership. If you would like additional information, please contact  &/or complete a Member Club Application

Individual Membership in FAWCO is an option for persons living outside the United States in areas where FAWCO does not have a FAWCO Member Club (~30km or more), and who have been referred by a current FAWCO or FAUSA member. An Individual Member may not vote or hold elected office in FAWCO, but is entitled to all other privileges and rights of a member of a FAWCO Member Club. While Individual Members are not eligible to nominate projects for The FAWCO Foundation Development Grants, they may apply for Education Awards and submit a project proposal for the Target Program. The Individual Membership fee is $25 per year or $100 for five years. If you are interested, complete the Individual Membership application form.