Bulletins and Newsletters


FAWCO keeps in regular contact with its members and the public with informative and useful email newsletters written by FAWCO volunteers. Through monthly, quarterly and annual communications, FAWCO members are informed about FAWCO activities and how they can bring this information to their individual clubs.

While most of our publications are for members only, we have two publications that are also for the public: The FORUM and Inspiring Women. 

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Public FAWCO Publication

Inspiring Women

FAWCO’s quarterly online magazine, Inspiring Women, profiles the lives of members of FAWCO clubs throughout the world who have used their skills, talents and passions to make an impact in the global community. Each issue has a theme and includes interviews with club members suggested by club presidents and FAWCO or by members like you!

Publications for FAWCO Members Only

If you’re a FAWCO member, you must login to subscribe to the following publications. Once you login you can subscribe and choose the Bulletins you’d like to receive.

Remember that if you are a member of any FAWCO Club then you are automatically a FAWCO member.

General FAWCO News

FAWCO News in Brief (NiB): Monthly newsletter for FAWCO Reps and Club Presidents and ideal for all FAWCO members

Connections, Letter from Headquarters: Quarterly Letter from FAWCO's President

Club Presidents’ Post: Quarterly bulletin for Club Presidents from the Club Presidents’ Coordinator

Special Interest News

UN Issues

UN Liaison Bulletin: Quarterly bulletin from the UN Liaison with information and updates on UN issues and NGO activities

Global Issues

Target Program: Monthly bulletin providing a regular update on the FAWCO Target Program

We have created a new Global Issues Digest with links to articles from the Global Issues section right here on the FAWCO website.

This monthly Digest provides informative articles in the four Global Issues areas of Education, Environment, Health and Human Rights. 

US Issues

US Liaison Bulletin: Quarterly bulletin from the US Liaison with the latest Washington, DC updates on the Americans Abroad Caucus, voting reform, citizenship issues, taxation, banking and other ongoing legislative issues