The Disaster Relief Fund may be initiated by the FAWCO President at the request of a FAWCO club or at the Board’s own initiative, in response to a recognized disaster with the intent of providing disaster relief through a reputable international organization or an association vetted by a FAWCO Member Club familiar with the area and circumstances of the disaster.   Funds received are administered by FAWCO.

The fund was renamed to Disaster Relief Fund - alleviating the "emergency" requirement and allowing for support of recovery as well as rebuilding projects also.

Requirements of the Member Club submitting the request require that:

1.     This request must have full support of the club's Board. 

2.     The requesting Member Club will be asked to research and suggest at least one recipient organization/ project.

3.     The requesting Member Club (or one of its members) should have a personal connection with the disaster or the recipient organization. This ensures credibility and long-term feedback on the recipient. The Board feels that FAWCO would not add much value if our recipient organization is a well-known international organization (e.g., Red Cross, Doctors without Borders) as our members could make these donations directly.

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FAWCO approved a new logo, tagline and Mission Statement

at its Interim Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany on March 13, 2016.


FAWCO is an international federation of independent organizations whose mission is

  • to build strong support networks for its American and international membership;
  • to improve the lives of women and girls worldwide;
  • to advocate for the rights of U.S. citizens overseas; and
  • to mobilize the skills of its membership in support of global initiatives for education, the environment, health and human rights.

In the coming months, FAWCO will be updating the website to reflect our new look. Check back often!

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