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join.jpgBecome a Member of a FAWCO Club

If you would like information about becoming a member of one of the clubs listed in the Member Club Directory, please contact the club directly, or send an email to the FAWCO VP for Member Clubs to have your request for information forwarded.

Become a FAWCO Club

Eligibility for membership is determined by a set of criteria, among them: an organization must have aims and goals that approach those of FAWCO and other FAWCO member clubs. Americans must also be consistently active and participate in the leadership of the individual Club. Each Member Club is unique and maintains its individuality, but gains the strength of numbers when joined with other FAWCO Member Clubs. If your organization fits these initial criteria for membership, we invite you to apply for membership.


If your club would like more information on becoming a "member club" of FAWCO, or if you are interested in learning how FAWCO can assist you in starting a club in your country or city, please contact the Membership Committee.

Can't find a club in your area?

If the list of Member Clubs did not include a FAWCO club in the city or country that you were looking for, please contact the U.S. Consulate there for a listing of American clubs or click here for tips on how to start a new club in your area.

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