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FAWCO has clubs in more than 60 cities around the world: could there be a better source of inside information? The world has a plethora of fabulous places to see. Many of us choose to buy a guide book before taking a trip in order to make the most of our time in a new place. Sometimes we have days to explore a city, but other times just a day - either way, it is important to make the most of our time.  Guide books can be very helpful, but information from locals is usually the best. They know the little out of the way places. They can tell you what should not be missed and what is a waste of time or money. Their insights are invaluable. Select a city, and click on the corresponding picture to learn more.


Please contribute! We ask member clubs to provide highlights about their city, so that our members can use the information to make a decision about where to go next, or to prepare for their upcoming trip. It's easy to share your city info: just download the A Day in Your City form here, complete it, and return it to . The completed forms will be posted on the Sharing Cultures section of the FAWCO website.





ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND. The Association of American Women of Aberdeen recently surveyed their membership to determine their favorite hill walks, castles, restaurants, whisky tours, etc. They share their secrets with you, along with tips about visiting Aberdeen and Scotland.





AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS. Amsterdam is one of the most charming cities in Europe. It has a small city center so you can walk from site to site. Its canals and quaint houses built along the canals, as well as the boat houses, have led UNESCO to designate Amsterdam Canals as a World Heritage treasure. The people of Amsterdam are exceptionally friendly and speak good English.





ANTWERP, BELGIUM. AWCA, the FAWCO club in Antwerp, is in a little gem of a city. Famous for its diamonds, but there's so much more.  Visit this historical city which offers its visitors fascinating sights, hundreds of different beers, french fries with mayonnaise, and delicious chocolate


Athens acropolis



ATHENS, GREECE. AWOG, American Women of Greece, wants to introduce Athens to you. Athens is the capital of Greece and one of the oldest cities in the world. It offers people, ancient ruins, delicious food, and lots of sunshine.





BARCELONA, SPAIN.  The Barcelona Women's Network invites you to discover spectacular Gaudí architecture, Roman ruins, and Barcelona's picturesque old town and port areas.  From exquisite Michelin star fine dining to “tapas” and “cava", Barcelona is a gastronomic paradise for any travel budget. Visit Barcelona and discover hidden treasures around every corner!





BASEL, SWITZERLAND. AWC - Basel, the FAWCO club located in the northeast corner of Switzerland, has much to offer visitors.  Basel is a manageable size and its location on the borders of France and Germany make it a great place to visit. You can see and experience a lot in a short time.





BERLIN, GERMANY.  AWC of Berlin, a FAWCO Founding member club, invites you to visit their modern city, which has so much historical significance. With so much to see, they have suggested you make your visit more than just a day.


The Old City of Bern Switzerland



BERN, SWITZERLAND. American Women's Club of Bern wishes you to visit their city and the capitol of Switzerland. Walk through the beautifully preserved medieval old town of Bern or sit under the arcade and enjoy something to eat after hours of boutique shopping. Anytime of year is the right time to visit Bern.





COPENHAGEN, DENMARK. AWC - Denmark, a FAWCO club, invites you to visit one of Europe's oldest capitals. The city has updated Shakespeare: “There's something modern in the state of Denmark”, which reflects the spirit of the youthful dynamism present in Copenhagen.





DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. AWA of Dubai invites you to experience their amazing community. Dubai offers tradition with its souqs (markets) and water taxis, modern stunning towering skyscrapers and breath-taking coasts. Dubai offers a truly unique Middle East experience in a modern safe setting.





EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND. AWC of Central Scotland, a FAWCO member club, invites you to visit the community of Edinburgh.  It takes a bit of effort to reach this Scottish gem, but it is worth it. Edinburgh hosts numerous festivals. Nestled in the mountains, Edinburgh has its own language, whisky and tartans (visit to learn more). Make the trip, you won’t be disappointed.





FLORENCE, ITALY. AILO, the FAWCO club located in Florence, provides ideas to help you explore their romantic city. Check it out for ideas or if you are interested in visiting this beautiful city. Can you spot the homes of some of the members; at least five are in the photo.






THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS. AWC The Hague believes you will enjoy walking around the beautiful neighborhoods. It is the residence of the Queen and is often referred to as the "judicial capital of the world" because of its numerous international courts. This seaside resort has much to see and do.


hamburg 2



HAMBURG, GERMANY. AWC of Hamburg believes you will be pleasantly surprised when you visit this city in northern Germany. This harbor city has beautiful gardens, can be toured by bike and has lots of shopping. Visit Hamburg (HH) and meet the locals affectionately known as Hamburgers.





LONDON, ENGLAND. AWC of London invites you to share in the diverse history, tradition and culture that London has to offer. Whether it be visiting the Tower of London, having afternoon tea or seeing a show, London truly has something for everyone.





FAWCO member club, invites you to visit their charming city. Not a typographical error, the city and the country share the same name. The description suggests activities and places to explore so you can enjoy all it has to offer.



Lyon HdV




LYON, FRANCE.  ACL, a FAWCO member club, asked its members to say what they enjoy most about Lyon, so have a look at this “insider” list. If you have never visited Lyon before, you will be amazed at how beautiful it is and wonder why you haven’t heard more about the place. Thanks to our UNESCO listing as a World Heritage site 15 years ago, and increasingly popular cultural events, Lyon is finally getting itself a deserved place on the map of Europe.







MADRID, SPAIN. AWC of Madrid has put together a very special description of Madrid for individuals who want to visit the city and more. It might take a few days to see it all.





MALMÖ, SWEDEN. AWC Malmö invites you to Sweden's third largest city, a half moon shaped city with bicycle trails all around it.  Malmö is a mixture of new and old, with easy excess by boat from northern Europe. Speaking Swedish is not needed; the locals love to practice their English.


Marrakech     MARRAKECH, MOROCCO. AIWA Marrakesh describes its city as "an Imperial city full of sights, sounds, and tastes of the ancient and the modern. From Jemaa el-Fna, the bustling market that is its social and cultural heart of the old medina to the trendy shopping of the new town of Gueliz. The Red City, Marrakech, is one of the world's most fascinating destinations, full of history, cultural, beauty and - believe it or not - tranquility and peace.  




MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA. AWA Melbourne strongly encourages you to visit the fabulous city. Appreciate the beautiful architecture, stroll through their abundant parks & gardens or do some shopping. It offers great food, hosts numerous festivals and has something for everyone.





MONTPELLIER, FRANCE. The American Women's Group Languedoc-Roussillon located in Montipellier invites you to take time to visit their vibrant city. Montpellier abounds with historical sites, parks and places to visit. It is a city that can be enjoyed nearly anytime of the year.





MUNICH, GERMANY.  MIWC, the FAWCO club located in Munich, would love for you to visit their fabulous city.  Munich, a magic world full of art, culture and joie de vivre, with a seductive flair that casts its spell on people from the four corners of the earth, touches a mysterious chord deep down in our hearts.





OSLO, NORWAY. AWC of Oslo recommends you consider visiting the capital of Norway. This wonderful destination offers both a lovely city and easy access to outdoor activities for the sports enthusiast.





ROME, ITALY.  Rome has so much to see that one day is not nearly enough, so AWA of Rome decided to present its historic city from a water theme in honor of FAWCO's Target Water Program.






SHANGHAI, CHINA.  AWCS, the FAWCO club located in Shanghai, suggests a visit to the New York of the East.  Considered the 'Pearl' of China, Shanghai is a modern, clean city that offers visitors shopping and delicious food, while not losing its authentic touches of Eastern charm and culture.





STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN. AWC in Stockholm invites you to visit the capital of Sweden.  Although Stockholm is uniquely located on 14 islands, it is easily explored on foot.  Over 700 years old, the city offers cultural activiites, musuems galore, and wonderful shopping.



















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