FAWCO holds its Biennial Conference or Interim Meeting and Annual General Meeting every year in March in a different city around the world. Representatives from FAWCO member clubs attend to participate in the work of the FAWCO Council and hear updates about FAWCO’s UN/NGO, US Issues, and Global Task Force activities. Members of the Board of Representatives meet at Biennial Conferences to discuss and adopt resolutions which will direct FAWCO’s focus for the coming 2 years, and elect the Board of Directors.  The FAWCO Foundation announces its Education Award and Development Grant recipients each year and holds its annual fundraising event.

The Biennial Conference or Interim Meeting also offers practical training sessions in organizational development and leadership, which the delegates may use to strengthen their own organizations. The presidents and representatives of FAWCO clubs exchange ideas, share best practices and solutions to common issues, and build their network.

FAWCO conferences include speakers, workshops, and cultural opportunities for both delegates and guests. Past speakers have included Jehan Sadat; Harriet Mayer Fulbright; the seventh President of Ireland, Mary Robinson; H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden; and Betty E. King, US Ambassador to the UN in Geneva.

If your club would like to host a conference or meeting, please contact .

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