Administrative Committees

FAWCO Administrative Committees report to a specific Board member who in turn informs the Board, where appropriate, of the work done by the Committees, any problems they have encountered, and all information they have gathered which can be of interest to the general membership. Committee Chairs shall be full and current members of an overseas FAWCO Club or FAUSA at the time of appointment. The number of FAUSA appointees are limited to 10% of total appointees. Committee Chairs are responsible for submitting a written report at Interim Meetings and Biennial Conferences.

Administrative Committees consist of Archives, Bylaws, Events Planning, Finance, Membership, Nominating, and Resolutions and Recommendations.

Please refer to FAWCO Administrative Committees Handbook for more details about each committee.

Archives maintains the printed and/or electronic archival records of all FAWCO business. Reports to the FAWCO Secretary.

Bylaws monitors and processes Bylaw amendments proposed by Member Clubs. Reports to the FAWCO Parliamentarian.

Events Planning plans and executes the FAWCO Interim Meetings. The Committee also consults Host Member Clubs in their proposal preparation and planning of FAWCO Biennial Conferences. Reports to the FAWCO President.

Finance acts as a resource for the Treasurer by reviewing and suggesting possible revisions to the budget as well as presenting a proposed budget. Reports to the FAWCO Third Vice President - Committees.

Membership assists applicants for membership and works with the FAWCO President in locating and recruiting new Member Clubs. Reports to the Second Vice President - Member Clubs.

Nominating selects candidates for the offices of the FAWCO Officers. Appointed in the year before a Biennial Conference; reports to the FAWCO Third Vice President - Committees.

Resolutions and Recommendations works on the R&Rs which are generally influenced by current world problems, current concerns of American citizens abroad and current problems faced by women everywhere.  They are considered as guidelines for FAWCO and Club action over the next two-year period. Appointed in the year before a Biennial Conference; reports to the FAWCO Third Vice President - Committees.

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