The Human Rights Council's twenty-seventh regular session at the Palais des Nations in Geneva (8-26 September 2014)

The upcoming United Nations Human Rights Council 27th Session (HRC27) to be held September 8-26, 2014 will present a variety of important global issues and host many Independent Experts (ID) and Special Rapporteur (SR).  Week 1 highlights include a presentation by SR on contemporary forms of slavery, and water and sanitation. Also during week one there will be a panel discussion on the protection of human rights of persons deprived of liberty, and a panel discussion on the right to privacy in the digital age.

Week 2 presentations will include the annual discussion on the integration of a gender perspective on September 15 and a half-day discussion on the rights of indigenous peoples on September 17.

In consultation with States, relevant United Nations bodies, as well as civil society, including non-government organizations (NGO) on September 18 a panel on the role of prevention in the promotion and protection of human rights will be held. Considerations of Universal Periodic Review (UPR) outcomes will be held non-stop Friday, September 19 for States including Republic of Korea, Ethiopia, and Qatar.

During Week 3 there will be panels on the use of remotely piloted aircraft or armed drones in counter-terrorism and military operations; and a panel of the accelerating global efforts to end violence against children. On Thursday and Friday, 25 and 26 of September, the Council will take action on the draft resolutions and decisions tabled during the session. 

Please read FAWCO United Nations Representative, Stacy Lara’s, HRC27 blogs below.

HRC27 Wrap Up

In September FAWCO United Nations Representative, Stacy Lara, attended the Human Rights Council twenty-seventh regular session (HRC27) in Geneva. During HRC27 the Council held interactive dialogues and panel discussions with Independent Experts and Special Rapporteurs on a variety of important global issues including accelerating global efforts to end violence against children, rights of the aging population, contemporary slavery, integration of a gender perspective, the rights of indigenous peoples, right to safe drinking water and sanitation, the right to privacy in the digital age, the protection of the family and its members; and a compelling interactive dialog with the Independent Commission…

Violence Against Children - A Major Threat To Our Global Development

Violence against children is never justifiable and is a pathetic human rights violation with dire consequences for its victims. Children who survive must cope with terrible emotional, and often, physical scars. The violence weakens their ability to learn and grow into productive adults. HRC27 held a panel discussion on accelerating global efforts to end violence against children -- all panelists agreed that violence against children cuts across every boundary no matter the child’s domicile, race, class, religion or culture; or whether their country is rich or poor.

All panelists subscribe to the idea that States, local governments and civil society…

Interactive Dialogue With the Independent Commission of Inquiry on Syria

On September 16 at HRC27 was an interactive dialogue with the Independent Commission of Inquiry on Syria. So, you may ask…what is the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic?  I will be brief with my explanation about the Commission yet, let me stress, even the most basic understanding of the Commission’s mandate will add meaning to the report and dialog that took place this week at HRC27.  

The Commission was established in August 2011 by the Human Rights Council with a mandate to investigate all alleged violations of international human rights law since March 2011 in…

HRC Practices What It Advocates

During HRC27 was a panel discussion focusing on the integration of a gender perspective into the country-focused work of the Human Rights Council (HRC). You may pause to think that that the United Nations should routinely focus on gender integration anyway. You are right yet what’s important here is that we appreciate that the HRC sets an example for Member States and practices what it preaches.

Let’s explore a little further. At its 6th session, the HRC adopted resolution 6/30 entitled, Integrating the human rights of women throughout the United Nations system,”by which it decided to incorporate into its program…

HRC27 Holds General Debate On Human Rights Situations Requiring Its Attention

At every Human Rights Council session, under the Program of Work Item 4, are general debate sessions during which speakers have the opportunity to raise allegations of human rights violations in countries and regions around the world and reiterated the Council’s responsibility to address all situations of concern.  On September 16, HRC27 held one of the general debate sessions.

Speakers in the general debate highlighted concerns about human rights violations and situations in Iran, Ukraine, Syria, China, Sudan and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.  Speakers also cited concerns about the death penalty, ethnic cleansing, dramatic rise of gross…

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